Irving Penn     Miles Davis, Hand and Trumpet, New York City      1986
"You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” Miles Davis

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Today may have involved asking the age old question “excuse me, sir…are these your teeth?”…but tomorrow is my day off part I, so I’m not even mad about it. (at three blankets, five pillows)

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(noun) In our list of beautiful feelingscollywobbles is described as butterflies in your stomach. Butterflies in your stomach is the feeling of nervousness and uneasiness you get in the most tender and life changing moments. From having that special somebody look at you or getting ready for an interview, having collywobbles makes us feel alive. That tingly sensation we get in our stomach is an indicator of our heart and mind working together, which is extraordinary and uniquely beautiful.   (via saintofsass)

"collywobbles" is my new favorite word.


Oana Befort

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Louis C.K. 


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for the umpteenth time: Louis CK speaks to my soul.  hard.


Cristina García Rodero, Spain. Escobar - September 1988.

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Bracelet ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more vintage bangles)

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Rural Staples
Highway 285, Southern Colorado

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